About Us

Clear Site NZ Ltd is owned by Rocky Haddon and run with the help of his capable and experienced staff. We specialise in the safe, cost effective deconstruction of residential homes with a strong focus on salvage, sustainability and recycling.

Rocky Haddon’s varied background in the construction arena and resourceful attributes have added a well rounded dynamic to the team while also bringing the company up to date with recent compliance changes.

Through hard work and reliability we have forged a reputation for completing works on time and on budget. budget.

image of Rocky haddon business owner for clear site demolition

What we do

We pull down houses, by hand.
Crowbars, the odd power tool and knowledge can reduce your building to a flat clear site in less than two weeks.
By carefully deconstructing your home we are able to maximise its residual salvage value and pass that benefit on to you, all the while lessening the impact on the environment.

Why use us?

We are able to offer you an alternative to putting an excavator through the building and creating more landfill, and often, we are a lot more cost effective than others. Why is that? Because we deconstruct in a manner that maximises salvage and have developed relationships with others who utilise what we are able to recover and that gain is accounted for during our quotations.

From Habitat for Humanity to Timber Recyclers to church and community groups who send our building materials to the islands, we try to find a use for what we recover.

Yes, a digger can do it in a day and we can provide that service also, and do, especially for the concrete foundations. But doing it our way can save you a lot of money while benefiting those in the community we donate to or support through our recycling network.

We are also able to work with difficult or hard-to-reach sites where other demolition companies may be unable to operate. But most of all, we stand by our word.


For enquiries Email us here or 0800 3366 63

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